Detra Cooper Recent Graduate Of Our Mentoring Program

Detra will be celebrating her one-year anniversary at Tidewater Staffing, and she has shown that she is the epitome of Tidewater Staffing excellence!

She has a nurturing and down-to-earth type of personality which contributes to the positive work dynamic at the Newport News office. She is also incredibly versatile, and she can adapt to any situation that you throw at her. As such, her versatility allows her to shift from one of her many roles in the office to the next one with relative ease.  Her first role is that of an office coordinator where she navigates a multi-line phone system, sends off DBIDS, fills job orders and many more. Secondly in the role of office lead, she directs all of her team members to overfill orders, conducts daily huddles to discuss concerns, and so many more tasks that revolve around making L.A.S.I.R. shine. There’s even one super fun fact about Detra that you should know. Recently, she was the first mentor to complete and graduate from the new TSI Mentorship Program! She was an excellent mentor to Derek, and she even loved it so much that she would do it again!

Now when asked about a defining moment in her career at Tidewater Staffing, Detra stated that “every day just putting someone to work by keeping them gainfully employed and having a huge impact on that person’s life is my defining moment.” As you can see, Detra is yet another person who constantly embodies the values of L.A.S.I.R. She demonstrates excellent leadership qualities, has the perfect attitude for all types of environments, she constantly serves everybody in her vicinity, she is a woman of integrity, and she takes responsibility of everything that she does. Detra has really learned the ins and outs of Tidewater Staffing, and she really looks forward to learning as much as she possibly can as she stays with Tidewater Staffing. Lastly, Detra’s final remarks were “I believe that this has been a great opportunity to impact peoples’ lives by helping them with employment so that they can sustain themselves. I am forever grateful to be a part of something so magnificent.”

We are forever grateful for your persistence and the hard work that you have put into your time here at Tidewater Staffing. Thank you again, Detra, and we are so excited to see how you will continue to develop professionally and personally at Tidewater Staffing!

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