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National Volunteer Month

Volunteering is important as it offers essential help to worthwhile causes, people in need, and the wider community. Volunteers are VIPs! Very. Incredible. People. Be the change, volunteer and make a difference. 58% of employees engage in volunteer time through the workplace. See Tidewater Staffing team members giving back on our Instagram page.

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National Welding Month

Keeping the world together one weld at a time. National Welding Month in April recognizes an industry that has kept the nation growing for generations. Skilled welders not only keep products rolling off an assembly line and buildings rising into the skyline, but they also keep the economy booming. The demand for skilled welders will [...]

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Stress Awareness Month: Workplace Stress

Stress is “silent” but the consequences at the business and individual level are stronger than you think. Understanding Workplace Stress Stress is a feeling of emotional or physical tension. It can come from any event or thought that makes you feel frustrated, angry, or nervous. Stress is your body's reaction to a challenge or demand. [...]

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New Trends in Warehousing

Even before Covid-19, the growth in large companies like Amazon and Walmart’s share of online sales translated into major shifts in warehousing and the way supply-chains were managed. The pandemic, however, has prompted an incredible boom in digital buying and unusual trends in the types of products consumers desire. These rapid changes have left some [...]

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White House Wind Energy Initiatives

The changing of the guard in the White House has opened the door to a golden age of clean energy that has the capacity to boost the job market and halt climate change. The Biden administration's incumbency to build back better includes well-defined offshore wind energy initiatives that support the administration's push for a clean [...]

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How Steel is Made

The spoon you used stir your coffee, steel. The car you drove to work, steel. The building you sat in and did your work, steel. In fact, steel is the second most mass produced commodity in the world, supporting, according to the World Steel Association, nearly $2.9  trillion dollars of the world’s economy. Steel is [...]

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Why Checks Still Matter

In the U.S. alone, checks are used in the business sector for about half of all transactions, and this number is only increasing. With merchant fees on the rise, it's understandable that the return to checks is the natural progression in the payment processing food chain. This phenomenon is also set to impact the consumer [...]

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2021’s Top Job Hiring Trends

The significant changes that the job industry underwent in 2020 were predominantly caused by the complexities brought on by the coronavirus pandemic. Contrasting economic landscapes that consist of some industry sectors that accelerated because of the pandemic to opposite outcomes such as, disrupted supply chains, and the slump of other industries, have created irregular hiring [...]

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Handling Communications in an All-Virtual Work Environment

The shift to working remotely has been a significant change for many U.S. companies, and virtual communications have been the primary method of interaction during the coronavirus pandemic. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has published guidance on how businesses should plot out their COVID-19 prevention programs, and with the vaccine rollout steadily progressing, [...]

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