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Tidewater Staffing Safety Team to the Rescue!

At approximately 10:30 am on July 13, 2021, Safety Representatives Juliel Arias and Travis Dillard from Tidewater Staffing's Safety Deparment were doing a regular MARMAC walk-through on the USS Wasp at BAE when an announcement came over the intercom that there was a toxic gas leak nearby. Juliel and Travis quickly searched the adjacent spaces [...]

2021-08-18T08:02:18-05:00August 18th, 2021|

Avoid Heat-Related Illnesses and Death

The human body is normally able to regulate its temperature through sweating, until it is exposed to more heat than it can handle. Heat exhaustion and heat stroke can escalate rapidly, leading to delirium, organ damage and even death. In 2019, 884 people died and 2,061 were injured in the U.S. from exposure to excessive [...]

2021-08-06T06:51:09-05:00August 6th, 2021|