Safety Training

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At Tidewater, we ensure all of our associates are equipped with the appropriate safety and equipment training they need to be prepared and successful when they reach the job site. Our valued partnership with the Virginia Ship Repair Association (VSRA) and OSHA allows our dedicated team of certified training instructors to design courses that mirror and address real-world shipyard scenarios and fulfill the latest in NAVSEA standards. Because working with us means entering into a partnership, we also fill out the OSHA logs for our clients to review and submit so that they don’t have to.

Safety Training by Safety Experts

Tidewater’s safety training programs are led by a team of industry-leading experts holding OSHA Maritime 10 Hour and Competent Person certifications. Regularly assisting our courses, these safety professionals also lead routine Q & A’s to ensure that any and all concerns associates may have throughout their training can be thoroughly resolved.

Whether it’s confined space or powered industrial truck (PIT) training, our team makes sure associates are provided with comprehensive training that simulates a real work environment. Additionally, upon completion of their training, all attendees receive an orange safety card with helpful phone numbers to dial for a variety of potential injury or HR scenarios.

Our Commitment to Safety

Tidewater Staffing, Inc. maintains a safety and health program which exceeds the regulatory requirements and standards. We embody the proper and proactive attitudes toward injury and illness prevention. Cooperation in all safety and health matters between staff, employees, clients, and affiliates allows us to continually improve our operational efficiency and practices. It is our mission to provide employees a safe work environment with a reliable system to report unsafe practices that is free from retaliation.

Examples of Training Services

  • Firewatch Training Courses
  • Job Hazard Assessment
  • Shipyard Safety Training
  • Site Assessment Routines
  • Emergency Action Planning
  • Respiratory Fit Testing
  • Powered Industrial Truck (PIT) Training

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