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FACE & TSI Job Fair!

Calling all job seekers and career changers!!! Family friendly JOB FAIR tomorrow! We will be at Newsome Park Elementary School in Newport News, VA ready to talk about the 200+ job opportunities we have available! Come out and see us! View job openings here:

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Rapid Prep Open House

TSI's Marketing and Sales department had a blast at the Rapid Prep open house last Thursday in Suffolk, VA! Rapid Prep is a leader in the surface preparation equipment industry! We enjoyed seeing the demonstrations on the machinery and learning about all the different companies that partner with Rapid Prep. Our Suffolk office leader, Tree [...]

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Checks and Badges!

The TSI staff has been busy learning new ways to better themselves. We have programs for our staff that allows them to gain new skills in the office as well as outside which makes for a well-rounded team!

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Fire Preventer? Fire Watch?

Fire Preventers or Fire Watchers are used to prevent and/or extinguish fires at the beginning stage. They monitor the hot work sites to ensure that conditions do not change when combustible materials cannot be effectively removed, protected or shielded. Fire Preventers also require specialized training and are assigned to minimize damage that may be caused [...]

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Warships in Maintenance

It’s still October which means it’s still Fire Safety Month. Fires are a constant worry for any ship, and every sailor is taught from the very first day that damage control is everyone’s responsibility. However, that responsibility becomes more complex when a ship is in maintenance. Not too many sailors are on the ships and [...]

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Shipyard Fires

Since October is Fire Safety Month it is only necessary to talk about Fire Safety in the maritime industry. Shipyard fires are an unfortunate but not unexpected part of major maintenance availabilities or overhauls. Ship experts all around the world all agree that ship maintenance is the biggest cause of vessel fires. The "hot work" [...]

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Winners of some TSI MERCH!

🎇🎇We love to celebrate our associates especially when they have perfect attendance!! Thank you for showing up on time everyday! 🎇🎇 If you would like to order some Tidewater Staffing Merchandise please use this link:

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