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Job Title Location Posted On
Accounts Payable Clerk Virginia Beach 01/14/2021 View More
Brush and Roll Painters Chesapeake 01/06/2021 View More
Buyer Virginia Beach 12/07/2020 View More
C12, C14, C7 Painters/Blasters Chesapeake 01/04/2021 View More
Coordinator Suffolk 01/11/2021 View More
Crate Builder Chesapeake/Virginia Beach 11/05/2020 View More
Customer Service Representative Virginia Beach 11/12/2020 View More
Demo Powertoolers Chesapeake/Portsmouth 01/15/2021 View More
Facilities Administrative Assistant Portsmouth/Norfolk 01/08/2021 View More
Firewatch Portsmouth/Newport News 05/16/2020 View More
Inventory Clerk Suffolk 09/22/2020 View More
Maintenance Technician Virginia Beach 01/07/2021 View More
Marine Carpenter Norfolk/Portsmouth 01/08/2021 View More
Material Handlers Suffolk/Portsmouth 10/13/2020 View More
Outside Machinist Chesapeake 01/13/2021 View More
Pipefitter Chesapeake/Portsmouth 05/12/2020 View More
Power Industrial Truck Operators Virginia Beach 11/13/2020 View More
Project Manager Portsmouth 01/19/2021 View More
Reach Truck Operator Suffolk, Windsor 08/12/2020 View More
Shipfitter Chesapeake 06/30/2020 View More
Shipfitters Chesapeake 04/20/2020 View More
Stock/Cherry Pickers Suffolk, Windsor 01/05/2021 View More
Supply Chain Planner Virginia Beach 12/07/2020 View More
Tank Cleaners Portsmouth 01/06/2021 View More
Transportation Data Clerk Chesapeake 11/18/2020 View More
Warehouse Supervisors Portsmouth 05/15/2020 View More
Weekend Material Handlers Suffolk 01/04/2021 View More
Yard Control Suffolk 12/28/2020 View More
  1st Class Marine Electrician Newport News 11/03/2020 View More
  Aluminum TIG Welder Chesapeake 05/01/2020 View More
  Assembly Line Laborer Norfolk/Virginia Beach 09/24/2020 View More
  Bilingual Coordinator Chesapeake 07/16/2020 View More
  Cable Technicians Portsmouth 05/03/2020 View More
  CNC Machinist Chesapeake 05/08/2020 View More
  Delivery Coordinator Virginia Beach 12/01/2020 View More
  EHS Representative Portsmouth 11/05/2020 View More
  Electrician Newport News 05/11/2020 View More
  Fabricator Welders Portsmouth 05/02/2020 View More
  Heavy Lifters Ahoskie, NC 05/07/2020 View More
  Inside Machinist Chesapeake 05/13/2020 View More
  Load Coordinator Suffolk 11/12/2020 View More
  Manager (Warehouse) Suffolk 11/05/2020 View More
  Marine Insulators Portsmouth 08/28/2020 View More
  Picker/Packers Suffolk 04/24/2020 View More
  Pipe Welder Newport News/Chesapeake 05/08/2020 View More
  Pipefitter Improver Chesapeake 06/29/2020 View More
  Pipefitter Journeyperson Chesapeake 05/19/2020 View More
  Receiving/Shipping Clerks Chesapeake/Virginia Beach 08/21/2020 View More
  Rigger Improver Chesapeake 08/14/2020 View More
  Rigger Journeyperson Chesapeake 08/14/2020 View More
  Riggers Newport News 05/06/2020 View More
  Safety Officer Chesapeake 09/24/2020 View More
  Scaffolding Builder Virginia Beach 05/29/2020 View More
  Shop Electrician Chesapeake 07/23/2020 View More
  UHP Operators and Mechanics Chesapeake/Virginia Beach 05/21/2020 View More
  Warehouse Mechanic Helpers Virginia Beach 08/10/2020 View More