Accounting Assistant Michael Burgess Celebrates 15 Years

Michael, better known as “Mike” in the office is yet another crucial member of the Tidewater Staffing family, as he will be celebrating his 15th year of working here! However, he has technically been affiliated with the company since 2001 because Tina James acted as the liaison to Tidewater Staffing for him. Now, Mike has a few things about Tidewater Staffing that he thoroughly enjoys. Some of these include the work environment and the TSI Swag that he has received over the years. He loves the fact that he can work in a relaxed environment, where there are not strict rules such as clocking-in and clocking-out and having a strict dress code. Because of his hard work over the years, he has received lots of different TSI apparel. For instance, he has received clothes such as T-shirts, polos, sweatshirts and much more which has allowed him to have a lot of wardrobe changes over the years. 

Mike has a variety of his most memorable moments while working here, so it was hard for him to choose just one. However, he states that one of his most memorable moments includes when Tidewater Staffing transferred from an incredibly small and enclosed space that was divided into two buildings to moving to a brand new and beautiful office building that we work in today. His other favorite moment is coming up because he has been selected as the Employee of the Month for November 2019, where he will get to reminisce about all of the success that he has had here at Tidewater Staffing. 

Mike has lots of responsibilities within this company, making him an invaluable part to the organization. He processes the majority of associate’s time (hours), he deals with invoicing for customers, and he handles Accounts Payable. Additionally, he administers reimbursement checks to staff, he sets up everyone’s direct deposits, he is also in charge of putting in and taking out store purchases, and reporting on new hires. Because of all of his experiences with Tidewater Staffing, he has experienced a lot of personal growth. He has always been a patient person, but in regards to the people that he deals with, he has learned that there is a new meaning to the word “patience”. Furthermore, he is a lot more tolerant of people that come from different walks of life than him, so he has truly learned to accept everybody for who they are. 

Mike, we are forever grateful for everything that you have done, and we are incredibly elated for all of your success and to call you a forever member of Tidewater Staffing! 

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