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Potential Hazards

  • Combustible materials cannot be removed, protected, or shielded.
  • Climbing ladders with heavy fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Possible exposure to welding or toxic fumes.
  • Transfer of heat from one space to another or to spaces below.
  • Fire in adjacent spaces.
  • Coverings used to protect equipment may not be fire retardant.

Requirements and Example Solutions

  • For employees performing fire watch activities, a written policy must be created and maintained specifying:
    • Each employee must be provided training, including detailed fire watch requirements.
    • Duties to be performed.
    • Equipment to be used.
    • Personal protective equipment (PPE) is required to be made available and worn. A fire watch must be posted during hot work when any of the following conditions are present.
      • Slag, weld splatter, or sparks might pass through an opening and cause a fire.
      • Fire-resistant guards or curtains are not used to prevent ignition of combustible materials on or near decks, bulkheads, partitions, or overheads.
      • Combustible material closer than 35 feet to the hot work cannot be removed, protected with flame-proof covers, or shielded with metal or fire-resistant guards or curtains.
      • Combustible materials adjacent to the opposite sides of bulkheads, decks, overheads, metal partitions, or sandwich-type construction may be ignited by conduction or radiation.
      • Hot work is close enough to cause ignition through heat radiation or conduction on:
        • Insulated pipes, bulkheads, decks, partitions, or overheads (Figure 4).
        • Combustible materials and/or coatings.
      • Work is close enough to unprotected combustible pipe or cable runs to cause ignition.
      • A Marine Chemist, a Coast Guard-authorized person, or a shipyard Competent Person requires that a fire watch be posted.A fire watch must not be assigned to other duties while hot work is in progress.
        • A fire watch must
        • Have a clear view of and immediate access to all areas included in the fire watch.
        • Be able to communicate with workers exposed to hot work.
        • Be authorized to stop work if necessary and restore safe conditions within the hot work area.
        • Remain in the hot work area for at least 30 minutes after completion of the hot work unless the employer or its representative surveys the exposed area and makes a determination that there is no further fire hazard.
        • Be trained to detect fires that occur in areas exposed to the hot work.
        • Attempt to extinguish any incipient stage fires in the hot work area that are within the capability of available equipment and within the fire watch’s training qualifications.
        • Activate the alarm if unable to extinguish fire in the areas exposed to the hot work.
        • Be physically capable of performing fire watch duties.

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