How COVID-19 is Affecting Hiring the US Shipyard Industry

With the world well in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic, every industry is reeling to adapt and innovate at a moment’s notice in a landscape that appears to change almost daily. 

As of March 30, Virginia has just eclipsed one thousand “presumptively positive” cases, with the Virginia Department of Health reporting that 12,038 people have been tested. 

As is commonplace throughout the United States, a State of Emergency has been declared for Virginia in an effort to drastically flatten the curve and accelerate the timeline for getting business back to usual. 

In the interim, those involved in the ship repair industry are adjusting to these unprecedented circumstances. In response to the outbreak, US shipyards have already suspended international travel, limited domestic travel, and suspended participation in conferences and trade shows for shipyard employees. 

While every individual bears a personal responsibility to limit potential exposure to and spread of COVID-19, members of the defense industry base, like Tidewater Staffing Inc. and employees and subcontractors of companies supporting the national defense, supply chain, logistics, and manufacturing in support of these critical sectors, are deemed critical infrastructures and are thus directed to remain in operation. 

Though the industry feels starkly different than it did just a month ago, US shipyards continue to build, and Tidewater Staffing is still hard at work hiring talented trade skill individuals for both our Ship Repair/Ship Building and Manufacturing/Light Industrial clients. 

If you’re a welder, rigger, electrician, marine painter, pipefitter, sheet metal mechanic, etc., and you’re looking for your next opportunity in Virginia, submit your resume to our team today because we have a job for you. 

We’re also actively hiring manufacturing and light industrial professionals such as forklift drivers, pickers/packers, shipping clerks, and more

Tidewater Staffing has taken serious measures to ensure the well-being and health of all of our employees. We’re working diligently to provide as many educational and training services as possible for all of our associates and staff to help everyone stay as safe as possible while we all navigate this health crisis together. 

Tidewater Staffing 

At Tidewater Staffing, we understand how important it is for your ship repair business to have qualified and expertly trained staff, especially in these times. We train all of our employees above and beyond the basic NAVSEA Standards with hours of classroom education supplemented with real-life work scenarios.

Over 28 years of experience servicing this niche allows us to prepare and equip our associates with all of the applicable skills and information to begin contributing at the yards from day one.

Whether you need qualified firewatch, offloading, welding, painting, or any other critical ship repair or manufacturing/light industrial talent, Tidewater Staffing can help. 

Get in touch with one of our team members today to learn more about how we can help provide you with a staffing solution that works.


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