Encouraging Workers with Our Modified Duty Program

The Modified Duty Program Gains Positive Results.

In Workers’ Compensation, the goal is always to have a few injuries as possible.  Tidewater Staffing has a proactive Safety program that takes every step possible to ensure the safety of our associates.  We realize that there will always be injuries no matter how many precautions are taken and training implemented.

To encourage our injured workers to return to work, we have established a proven Modified Duty Program.  We work closely with our clients to discuss the best option for the employee if the injured employee’s restrictions can be accommodated on-site, that is normally the best case for the employee to continue on-site working. If a client is unable to accommodate an injured employee’s restrictions, Tidewater Staffing will offer them our Modified Duty Program. All employees are informed that the position is temporary and the expectation is to return to full duty/return to work as soon as possible.

Our Modified Duty Program has a 3 prong approach:

1. It gives the employee the ability and accountability to work versus just sitting home. It is an incentive for employees to follow the Doctor’s/PT’s orders and to get better quicker so, that they can return to their former position. It improves the injured employee’s overall morale and outlook on their situation.

2. By accommodating an employee’s restrictions, we help our clients keep “days away” on their OSHA log, to zero or a minimum.

3. Finally, helping an injured employee to work greatly reduces the cost of Workers’ Compensation insurance because they are not receiving Temporary Total Disability benefits at all or possibly at a reduced rate.

Using the Modified Duty Program, Tidewater Staffing has been able to save its clients a total of 79% reduction in lost work days in 2018.  This translates to a saving of thousands of dollars for our clients and our Workers’ Compensation Insurance costs.

To learn more about how our Modified Duty Program benefits you as a client or potential client contact our VP’s of Production.

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