Transporting a Car Cross Country

There are many reasons why transporting your car using a car shipping company is better than driving cross country yourself. Rising gas prices, hotel costs, difficulty traveling with small children, lack of time, having more than one vehicle, simultaneously managing a significant house move, and reducing wear and tear on your car are just a few reasons why it’s a better idea to hire an auto carrier to move your vehicle. If you’re not sure where to start when it comes to hiring a professional car transport company, the following process below outlines what you need to do to set up service.

Choosing the best transport option that fits your needs

The first step in transporting your vehicle to a new location is assessing the best mode of transportation for your car. The kind of car you have, your budget, the amount of wear and tear your vehicle can endure, and even your schedule are all factors to consider when deciding on the best transportation mode to use for your car’s journey.  

Open Transport

Choosing to use an open carrier method of auto transport means that your car will be loaded onto an open trailer with around five to nine other vehicles. Most cars are well suited for open transportation unless the vehicle’s value exceeds $70,000, or it’s a classic model. The open carrier mode of auto transport is far more cost-efficient, and the only risk involved is that your vehicle is exposed to the elements. In most cases, a simple wash is all that’s needed to bring your car back to life after it arrives.

Closed Transport

New, high-end, collectible, exotic, or classic cars should be transported using a closed auto transport mode. The demand for closed transport is often high, so planning in advance allows the time needed for pickup and delivery. In addition, the enclosed auto transport mode of delivery often has top-of-the-line hydraulic lifts that are used to load and unload your vehicle safely, and your car stays protected from the elements the entire time that it’s on the road. 

Express Pickup & Dropoff

Auto transport and pickup and dropoff dates are usually arranged inside of a pickup window, but expedited car shipping allows car owners to pick a specific pickup and dropoff date. This option works well for those that may be stuck in a bind and have a short window to transport their vehicle. 

Hassle-Free Moving

Reducing the time and effort required to drive your vehicle to a new destination is needed to decrease the stress of a big move. Auto-shipping is always worth the investment, and vehicle pick up and drop off is conveniently door-to-door. Transported vehicles are also 100% insured, giving car owners peace of mind when hiring a car transport service. Auto transport companies are some of the most innovative companies on the planet regarding logistics, transport, and operations. Flawless execution is an absolute must, and successful pickups and deliveries make or break any company’s success. 

Abigail Baker is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with dog backpack carrier, K9 Sport Sack.

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