The Advantages of Transporting a Vehicle in an Enclosed Trailer

Perhaps you are moving across the country to a new home and need someone to help you take a vehicle? All of the different options involved in auto transport can sometimes be overwhelming, but there is a logic behind the different price points. 


The vehicle transportation industry is worth $12 million in the USA. It might not be an industry you usually give much thought towards, but vehicle owners can be very specific about how they would like their beloved motors to be taken away.


Open-air auto transport is usually cheaper than its enclosed counterpart, but it might be worth considering paying that little bit extra for the peace of mind that comes with enclosed transport.


If you are transporting a valuable car, or one that has plenty of personal meaning, consider the benefits of transporting it in an enclosed trailer:

  • Much safer loading. When your car is elevated into the enclosed space on a trailer, it will invariably be taken onto a hydraulic lift and carefully placed inside the trailer to avoid scraping the suspension. If transporting a low-clearance sports car, this benefit would be particularly applicable.

  • Reduces the risk of damage in transit. When your vehicle is transported on an open-air trailer, it is much more likely to get damaged by inclement weather conditions or loose rocks from the road. In a storm, the vehicle could get buffeted by debris. The worst part is that damage that occurs during trailer transit is not usually covered by insurance policies.

  • Feel assured of a quality journey. Drivers of enclosed trailers are comfortable with handling high-value vehicles. They realize that they have been chosen to provide a more expensive service than open trailers, so they will take care of your vehicle accordingly.

  • Multi-car vs. single car options. Some enclosed trailers will be able to transport around seven or eight different vehicles at once, and this will be a cheaper option if you are set on using this method. Alternatively, you can opt for a white glove service where the driver will only be paying attention to your vehicle. You will also receive consistent communication and updates for your peace of mind. This is a great solution for transporting antique or extremely valuable vehicles.

  • Great for roofless cars. A roofless car would likely need to be transported by an enclosed trailer, for obvious reasons. Open-air transport would leave a roofless vehicle open to all kinds of weather conditions that could damage the interior.

Jack Vale is a writer from Happy Writers, Co. in partnership with Seattle Fabrics, the recreational outdoor fabric retailer.

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