7 Tips To Conquer Mondays!

Why are Mondays the most dreaded day of the week? Is it because the end of the work week seems so far away, the to-do list is at it’s longest, or is it just because the stigma surrounding Mondays? Whatever the reason may be here are some helpful tips to help make Mondays less painful.

1.) Is it Burnout?

This includes emotional exhaustion, lack of efficacy, or when you become cynical about your work. When this occurs you may experience negative feelings about your job that you take home to you., you my begin to feel disconnected from your normal routines, or the burnout is spilling over into your personal relationships. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and it persists longer than a week it may be time to seek professional advice. A bad Monday isn’t burnout so it is crucial to recognize the difference.

2.) Make time for yourself everyday and the weekend.

Your body needs rest to rejuvenate and reset. It only makes sense that you feel overwhelmed on Mondays if you haven’t been taking the proper steps to make sure you fit YOU on your schedule. The world will not end if you take a break.

P.S: You are allowed to take a Mental Health Day

3.) Prepare for your next week on FRIDAY.

Plan and prioritize. Write down everything you need to do or get done while you’re winding down on Friday afternoon. After you have a list, put them in order from highest to lowest in accordance to importance. An added step is to create a schedule and add in 5 min breathe and stretch sessions in-between tasks. This will allow you to already have a plan walking into Monday and less stress over the weekend.

4.) Frame your thinking for the week.

The best way to do this is to sit with yourself for a few minutes before your day starts and be mindful of how you want the week to go.

5.) Follow an email strategy. 

Repeat after me….

-Sort your emails- this will alleviate the chaotic look of a full inbox


-If your task has nothing to do with your email inbox don’t have it open on your screen

-Don’t check your emails after business hours- obviously if there is a work emergency other avenues will be taken

6.) Take Breaks

People weren’t made to sit and use technology for long periods of time every single day. Remember your break should be something that helps you relax and calms the brain.

7.) Remember the Monday won’t last forever.

Think about things to look forward to that bring positivity and enjoyment.

Using these tips will help you get through the Monday stress!

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