TSI is a Certified Pearl Business !

Tidewater Staffing Inc. has been certified as a Pearl Business by Lynnhaven River Now.

Lynnhaven River Now is an organization that believes everyone has a right to pure water, clean air, and access to open spaces for recreation. They stand on protecting and restoring the Virginia Beach waterways by improving the water quality and making sure the watershed wildlife has sustainable habitats. They have educational programs, volunteer opportunities, and a community science program to help advocate and bring awareness to the community.


TSI had the amazing opportunity to help with a Lynnhaven River Now Watershed Clean-Up and it really opened up our eyes to just how much everyday trash is being tossed in the environment and how important it is to keep the watersheds clean. We are so excited for this new partnership and to learn more ways to incorporate a more “green” approach to our business.


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