Round of Applause for our Staff !!


Chip goes against the grain by doing the right thing every day. Even if it has caused him issues with production. He looks at the ‘broader” picture and realizes that by doing the right thing, he is helping to protect the associates and the company. -Kim C.B.


A great onsite person, transitioning and dealing with a major client of ours.  -Lucia

Ms. Flood has been absolutely amazing since I started working at TSI! She answers all of my questions, took me with her to a job site check in, and is genuinely a kindhearted and funny person. I’m so glad that I get to work with her in the VB Office! – Mandie


She has really put a lot of effort into training so many new candidates. -Tree

I think that with the job that I do that I definitely have a passion for teaching and sharing knowledge to help everyone become a successful Coordinator. I take the time to ensure all new staff is trained and do not hesitate to assist them in areas of improvement. I have and exemplify LASIR qualities. -Christiana


Mr. Levi comes to work, rain, shine or on foot if he has to, and Takes the responsibility of filling and processing paperwork for most of the clients in this office. He is exemplary of LASIR qualities and shows a passion for putting people to work every single day. -Noah

Levi always takes initiative to take lead on duties. He always offers to train new incoming employees. He comes into work ready and excited to get the job successfully completed! -Gabrielle

Levi never backs down from a challenge, and most of the time he comes out victorious.  -Will

Levi has taken complete control of Epsilon, Accurate Marine and Damco (Maersk) and has been getting nothing but kudos from Jennetta.  -Louise


She’s been working extremely hard and it’s been going unnoticed, at least to me! -Jalen

Moving very fast and a great addition to Newport news -Ian

She’s a fast learner, always willing to learn and don’t mind passing on what she has learned. She’s a people person. She is very dedicated and efficient in whatever task is given to her. She is one of the hardest and respected people in the office. -Stephanie

As soon as Ms Tatiana arrived at TSI she took to the processes and LASIR immediately.she’s a fast learner and team player,she also helps by implementing her own experience with the staff.Great addition to the team of Tidewater Staffing. -Terrance


He is always trying to help out as much as he can. -Sue

Kim C.B.:

She has really shined with her WC skills recently and has made a habit of staying until the job is done and making sure the associate and customers feel good about the process. -Jay

Mitch and Keith:

Both Mitchell & Keith go above & beyond with training new interns while simultaneously filling job orders & putting people to work. they both have true LASIR qualities. – Jaylon


Tree has a whole new office full of coordinators and he has gone above and beyond making sure that any questions we have are answered and explaining anything we need to know in understanding terms. He has stayed behind late several times to ensure work for the office was completed! Very knowledgeable and personable. -Arnesha

Tree is the best coordinator and manager ever! Sooo kind and respectful! He’s the best and should definitely be the EOM His leadership is a 10+++++++++++++++++++++++++++

His attitude among peers and coordinators is amazing His service is omg can’t even explain but since the two weeks i been here he has been amazing and since i been dealing with him he has totally met all LASIR core values. HE DEFINITELY DESERVES IT!!! :) -Laroya

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