Injuries At Work!

It’s still National Safety Month! We have been making sure our staff and associates are up to date on all their training, are aware of the hazards at certain job sites, and how to proceed should there ever be an incident. It is very important for employers to have a safety campaign all year round and especially during seasons when accidents are more likely to occur. Accidents, injuries and near misses in the workplace are preventable, however, even with safety measures in place, an accident or an injury may still occur.  If or when they do, there can be an impact not just on the employee involved but also on the business.  They can also be opportunities to learn and hopefully to prevent a re-occurrence. All injuries should be reported as soon as they happen, even if these injuries seem minor.  Reporting an injury helps to ensure safety issues in the workplace can be addressed and lack of incident notification and reporting does not help promote a safe workplace.

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