Noah Zukowski Joins the Safety Team

Noah will be celebrating his one-year anniversary with Tidewater Staffing, and he is super excited about what the future holds for him.

Noah done an excellent job at Tidewater Staffing and continues to advance since he started. Noah is an individual who sleeps, eats and breathes the core values of LASIR. (Leadership, Attitude, Service, Integrity, and Responsibility.) What makes Noah stand out is not just him applying the values of LASIR , but his take-charge and patient demeanor he contributes to the dynamic of the Portsmouth office. He stated that his favorite part of working Tidewater Staffing was,

“the ability to help others by putting them to work every day.”

It makes him feel good to know that he can make a huge difference in a person’s life by giving them the opportunity to better lives for herself or himself. Noah feels that his most memorable moment so far was when he was moved to the Safety Department. This change to the Safety Team was necessary to sharpen his knowledge about the shipyard industry. As Noah has impacted the lives of many, it is even evident that Tidewater Staffing has made a difference in Noah’s life as well.

Stationed at the Portsmouth office Noah does a lot in order to keep things flowing smoothly. He is an Onsite Coordinator that manages the front desk, ensures time is submitted accurately to accounting and always on the mission to put people to work. Noah also tours different job sites to inspect safety conditions, networks with our clients to have the most current information about policies and stay up to date with the industry as a whole. In general, Noah has always been extremely happy working for Tidewater Staffing. He looks forward to being here as the company develops further and continues to grow as the best staffing industry in our community. 

“Noah, we are so happy that you show your passion for Tidewater Staffing! We wish you all the success in the world on your journey here at Tidewater Staffing, and we really do appreciate everything that you have done in your year of being here.” – Management 

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