Tidewater Staffing Awarded Safety Standard of Excellence

As a staffing firm that places tremendous value on worker safety, we’re proud to announce that Tidewater Staffing, Inc. (TSI) has been awarded the Safety Standard of Excellence mark by the National Safety Council in October 2019. 

The Safety Standard of Excellence mark exists to recognize the firms that have distinguished themselves as premier safety leaders within the staffing industry. In conjunction with the American Staffing Association (ASA) and the National Safety Council (NSC), this program was developed to encourage staffing firms to incorporate and promote workplace safety best practices and standards and promote continuous safety improvement across all industry sectors. 

About the National Safety Council

Operating as the nation’s leading safety advocate for more than 100 years, the National Safety Council is a nonprofit organization with the mission to save lives by preventing injuries and deaths at work, in homes and communities, and on the road through leadership, research, education, and advocacy. 

How Does a Staffing Firm Qualify for the Program?

For a staffing firm to be eligible for evaluation towards the award, they must be:

  • Open for business and actively placing employees.
  • Must agree to uphold the ASA Code of Ethics and Good Practices.
  • Must agree to a release and indemnity agreement.

How is the Assessment Scored?

The criteria for the Safety Standard of Excellence range across the following sections:

  1.  Staffing Firm Responsibilities for Worker Selection 
  2.  Staffing Firm Responsibilities for Worker Training and Orientation
  3.  Staffing Firm Verification of Client Responsibilities for Worker Training and Orientation
  4.   Staffing Firm Evaluation of Client Safety Culture, Safety Performance, Work Site, and      Job
  5.  Staffing Firm Responsibilities for Incident Management 
  6.  Staffing Firm Verification of Client Responsibilities for IncidentManagement 
  7.  Contracts 

Scores are generated on a scale of 1-3, and a firm is awarded the mark if their average score is above 2.3. Tidewater Staffing’s final score was well above that mark at 2.73.

About Tidewater Staffing, Inc. (TSI)

Since 1992, TSI has been a strategic staffing partner dedicated to providing the highest quality solutions for our partners for their marine shipyard and ship repair, warehouse and logistics, and manufacturing/light industrial workforce needs. 

For more on workplace safety, we recently published our guide to OSHA’s Top 10 violations from our 2019 list.

To read the full article by ASA, click here

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