Monthly Archives: October 2020

Volunteering Duties!

TSI Marketing and Safety departments had a very fun and rewarding time volunteering on Saturday at Lake Windsor, surrounded by tourist hotspot Mt. Trashmore. This waterway cleanup was hosted by our partners at Lynnhaven River Now!

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National Staffing Employee Week

We had each office nominate two associates who either walks or takes public transportation to work for National Staffing Employee Week.   The ten associates were put into a prize wheel for the chance to win a brand new bicycle! Mr. Linwood Riddick was the WINNER!! Look at the video below to see him in [...]

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Fire Prevention Week

In 1925, President Calvin Coolidge proclaimed Fire Prevention Week a national observance, making it the longest-running public health observance in our country. During Fire Prevention Week, children and adults learn how to stay safe in case of a fire.

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You’ve had a fun, relaxed weekend and now it’s time to head into a new work week. You’re thinking about all the things that are due, all the meetings you have to attend, and all your goals you have to set. How do you beat those dreadful Monday blues? Keep the same routine, this includes [...]

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