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Great Job Mike!

We wanted to show a bit of appreciation for Michael Burgess.  Mike's contribution to our process is vital to the success of staffing and retaining customers.  This past week he was able to enter payroll for our existing customer base along with the addition of another 100+ person a new client. He is very diligent [...]

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Benefits of Hiring A Staffing Agency!

Using a staffing agency for your hiring needs: saves cost, increases hiring speed, access to a wider range of qualified candidates, gives candidates access to specialized knowledge, adds more flexibility, gives candidates higher chances of getting hired, saves the candidates time, effort, and money, and allows them to gain career mentorship and advice.  

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TSI hosts weekly Leadership Meetings to promote inter-office communication, establish priorities, and set collective goals. This time is also used to discuss upcoming projects, overfilling jobs, teamwork, and hustle. The meetings are run by Nikki and Sean and attended by the office leaders from each office.

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Since expanding its terminals, The Port of Norfolk is projected to handle an additional one million container units per year. A study done by the College of William and Mary found that port activity was responsible for more than 397,000 jobs and generated $92 billion in spending. Virginia is the third largest port on the [...]

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We have had an influx of new associates and staff. Once they attend orientation they officially become Tidewater Staffing employees, which provides more people to put to work and fill job orders! To find awesome talent for your company staffing needs please visit:

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VMA’s New Mural Illustrates the Maritime Supply Chain of Today

VMA showcased it's new mural celebrating the maritime supply chain of today! The mural design includes components from segments of the supply chain: rail, logistics, warehouses, trucking, containers, agriculture, bulk ships, tugs/barges, and blue-collar workers. The mural can be seen on the side of the Virginia Maritime Association’s building in downtown Norfolk.

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TSI Caught Doing Good!

Tidewater Staffing received some great positive feedback from a client on how Tidewater associates are doing at the job site! “I wanted to share with you that the employees of the company hired to monitor temperatures at the gates have been exceptional! They are friendly, courteous and ready to get you on your way. By [...]

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The Propeller Club of Norfolk is hosting a virtual celebration for National Maritime Day! Celebrating the first successful transatlantic crossing using steam propulsion and those who serve the industry. Join the celebration on Friday, May 22, 2020 at 4:00pm! Watch via livestream on their Youtube page. View more info here:    

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Due to the CDC guidelines, TSI staff, visitors, and customers entering any of the TSI buildings are required to wear a mask or some kind of facial covering. This is to ensure we are doing our part to flatten the curve while still being of service to our customers who are essential businesses. It also [...]

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Warehouses around the Hampton Roads area are expected to reopen post COVID-19 restrictions being lifted. This creates more jobs for staff to fill, expecting an increase in workflow and more opportunities for associates to find work!

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