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“Wow where do I start…TSI has helped me keep a job, they have always worked with me and even through rough financial times I’ve still been able to support my family because of you guys since 2010.”
Leon L. -Painter/Powertooler
“My name is Darius W. I am a Fire watch Foremen. I have been working with the company for about 2 years but before then, I got my start with Tidewater Staffing. Tidewater Staffing gave me the opportunity to showcase my talents to the company to become not only a permanent employee but the head of a shop. I am very grateful to all the great employees of Tidewater Staffing that helped me on my career path. I never dreamed when I started off fire watching that I could or would accomplish all that I have.”
Darius W. - Firewatch Foreman
“I have been working with Tidewater since 2012. I have firewatched for multiple companies and the thing about working with TSI is that when one job assignment ends, they always find another for me to go to”
Peter K. - Firewatch
“I have worked with Tidewater Staffing as a welder since 2014. When I got metal in my eye Tidewater Staffing got me the treatment I needed and walked me through the Worker’s Comp process every step of the way quickly and efficiently so that I could return back to work as soon as safely possible. They’re safety program is very hands on and I feel like we are respected and looked after with Tidewater.”
Nelson S Jr. - Painter

“I was new to Hampton VA. Fresh out of college and nobody would hire me. Even Olive Garden called me in for 3 interviews but never hired me. I called Tidewater Staffing, came in filled out an application, and that changed my life!”

Jahmal B
“I woke up tagged into a comment for a job opening needless to say I was delighted!! I thank the person that tag me ..surprisingly a staff member, commented and responded for me to send a resume I was very pleased she was courteous prompt and made all efforts to get my resume to the appropriate party .#theyrock”
Natalie G
“Love the vibe an the team work an all they effort to put you in positions that fit you!”
Jamil C
“I requested Friday, Monday they gave me the orientation and Tuesday was already working.”
Clarissa R
“Will find you a job FAST!”
Randy M
“Tidewater Staffing has many fields to apply for and positions available.”
Lamar B
“I was new to Hampton VA fresh out of college and nobody would hire me even olive garden who called me in for 3 interviews but never hired me, I called, came in filled out an application and that changed my life!”
Jahmal B
“They help you, as long as you help yourself. Great staffing service.”
John N
“I love Tidewater Staffing!”
Nita C
“I was pleased with the wide variety you’re offered.”
“Very clean & personable staff.”
Yolanda A
“Places nice and clean people are friendly.”
Lynda M
“Very professional and helpful.”
Kristen G
“Thank you for saving my life if it weren’t for you guys, giving me a job.”
Marcus J
“They are very understanding and helpful … they have a great staff and they know me by first name and don’t treat me like just another worker.”
Dashawn B
“Need a job? Tidewater Staffing is where you need to go!”
Sharon J

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